About us

Encouraging migration and enhancing local effectiveness

What sets this apart from other expat associations is that Apex is a network of those who desire to live as obedient Christians wherever they are. In that regard, it is much more than a social network.

why apex EXPATS

We are a network of like-minded expatriates who desire to fulfill the mandate of Jesus Christ to make disciples of all the nations (Matt. 28:18-20). We are from various backgrounds and work in different countries for the same overarching purpose. His imminent return motivates our service and sharpens our focus.

Those within typically believe the Bible to be the inerrant Word of God, that He is Triune, that He created all things according to the account in Genesis, that following the fall the only way men can be reconciled to God is by grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ who died and rose again, that the Church is His visible body on earth, that the sign gifts ceased with the apostles, and that Jesus will soon return to govern the world from Zion. (A fuller statement of faith is available upon request.)


In lands where the weak are oppressed and harassed, expats have modeled grace and love and have helped local governments to empower and lift many to self-sufficiency.

They have taught children to read and trained doctors to effective service. They have coached children to great athletic success. Some have started businesses that have employed many nationals and created local value and wealth.

They have facilitated access to the world’s most active markets for producers in developing nations. They have brought new technology and current best practices to open and accelerate emerging industries. Christian diplomats have not only served their countries, but they have also embraced the concerns of their host communities and sought to meet those needs.

APEX Exats is non-political. As a group we do not promote a particular political system, party or country. We believe that local governments are best equipped to govern their own people. As Christians, we seek to submit to the authority and laws of local governments and to pray for their good, recognizing their position as given by God.